You're just about to make the second largest financial commitment of your life.
Let's help you prevent extra costs, protect your vehicle and your financial well being.

Today's vehicles have more parts and technology than ever before.
GM's extended warranty plans take the surprise and sting out of unexpected maintenance costs.

Other Built-in Benefits:

- Rental Car Coverage                   - Lost Key & Lockout Services
- Towing & Road Service               - Customizable Terms
- Transferable Policy                      - Cancellation
- Trip Interruption Assistance             

1,000+ parts are covered under our plans, including:
  •   Engine
  •   Transmission
  •   Drive Axle
  •   Electrical
  •   Airbags/Safety Restraint System
  •   Brakes (including ABS components)
  •   Air Conditioning System
  •   Adaptive Cruise Control
  •   Heated Seats
  •   Blind-Spot Sensors
  •   Reverse Warning Systems/Sensors
  •   Factory-Installed Entertainment System
  •   Automatic Climate Control Programmer
Fabric & Leather/Vinyl Protection

Fabric protection maintains the fine quality of your interior by penetrating individual fibres in the fabric. It stops liquids from soaking in and repels dirt. Spills wipe up easily to avoid permanent stains. This treatment won't change the colour or texture of the fabric and it won't leave an odour.

Leather / Vinyl protection conditions interior leather and vinyl. It protects against cracking and hardening by locking in essential oils and pigments. It prevents colour fading by screening leather and vinyl from the sun's powerful ultraviolet rays. A dashboard coated in its treatment receives a flat satin finish the eliminates glare and reduces dust.
Paint Protection

Paint protection is a long-lasting sealant that enhances the paint's clear coating. It protects paint from fading by reflecting ultraviolet rays. Its durable finish leaves the surface significantly smoother, so you won't need to wax.
Rust Inhibitor

Vehicles have many hard-to-reach crevices where moisture and dirt collect, creating ideal conditions for rust. Once it gets going, rust can adversely affect how your car performs and shorten its life.

The Rust Inhibitor Spray is a synthetic waterproof product that is sprayed into inner cavities and crevices. It bonds to metal, so it will not drip or run off. Since it is applied between the exterior and interior panels via existing holes in the doors, no drilling is required. This one-time application extends the life of your car. Guarantees against rust perforation that occurs from the inside out.

Canadian roads and weather conditions are hard on your vehicle. Deep puddles, uneven pavement, loose gravel, and road salt can all shorten the life of your vehicle's undercarriage.

Undercoat protection is specially formulated to preserve a car's most vulnerable, high-impact areas. It seals out moisture and protects against road salt. Because of its pliability, it won't crack, peel or chip.

Life Insurance

First Canadian's creditor life insurance is designed to protect your family from the financial risks of an unexpected death.
If you die before your vehicle loan is fully re-paid, First Canadian will pay off the insured balance owing directly to your lender. This leaves your family with an asset instead of a liability.
You are protected during the entire term of your loan (or a shorter period if you select short-term benefits). Premiums are low and claims are easy. A few simple health questions may be required, however, no physical exam is necessary to qualify.

Disability Insurance

First Canadian's disability insurance is designed to protect you from the financial risks of an interruption in your ability to earn an income. If you become sick or get injured, on or off the job, and are unable to earn an income, First Canadian will pay the insured monthly vehicle payment on your behalf directly to your lender, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. This allows you to focus on healing without the worry of making your vehicle payments.
Benefits continue for as long as you remain disabled (as defined in the policy) and you may claim as many times as necessary during the term of your coverage. Payments are made directly to the creditor monthly for each day of Total Disability. A waiting period after disability may apply, but benefits can be paid retroactively from the first day of disability if you choose that coverage. Partial payment options are also available to allow you to match your coverage and premium to your needs.